This is our 28th year of business, and we have learned much over the years. Now, technology is changing again before our very eyes! Its not so much about hardware now, but all about the software. Look at your cell phone. Its a hand-held device that offers voice, email, internet, and software applications at your fingertips. Now with our " Integrated Communications Solutions", we offer those same features. The goal here is to give you the ability to always get your calls, and while still being able to easily communicate with staff inside and outside your office.  

A small rack mounted 'StarBox' from  "Star2Star"  provides a 'Cloud Based' solution that can can licence from  5 - 500  Cisco,  Polycom, or  Yealink  IP Phones, and provide SIP Trunking with DID Numbers.  'StarScope2' software comes with each IP Phone, so from your PC you have a  visual status of all extensions  accross your Network! With a single click you can Place a Call, Email, IM, or send a Voice Mail.

Your traditional phone lines are replaced by "SIP Trunks" from Star2Star, this saves you as much as 40% over your normal phone charges... Need to re-route your calls from one office location to another?? No problem,  built in 'Disaster Recovery'  plan sends calls to another location.

We now focus on providing "Integrated Communications Solutions"...Integrating together your means of communicating with one another right on your  PC,  Laptop,  iPad, or  Smart Phone. Program changes and customizing your extension can be done from anywhere you have access to the internet.      

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, and listen to how you run your business. Then we can offer suggestions to make improvements with "Integrated Communications Solutions". 


Dennis M. Dorn