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Hello! ... We have learned a lot over the past 33 years in the Telecom business, and experienced great advancements along the way. Now, with our "Cloud Hosted VOiP Solutions" we can offer easy to manage phone systems with voice mail to email, text messaging, IM, and video conferencing. The goal here is to provide you with the ability to easily "Work from anywhere, Connect with everyone"

The traditional phone system gets replaced, and all the on-premise hardware can be removed from your office site. You eliminate your local and long distance phone company, and have unlimited calling included in a monthly plan for each user. No moving parts to fail, and free software updates when they become available. Program your system from a web browser anywhere, virtually eliminating the need for any on-site service calls. All you need is your internet service... And if that goes down for any reason, it's still business as usual through the mobile app on your smart phone!

We now become your new 'Local Phone Company',  providing excellent customer support and personalized service  24/7/365    

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and listen to how you run your business. Then we can match you up with a custom solution just for your company.


Dennis M. Dorn

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